Do Doctors Use Nicotinamide To Treat Any Diseases?

There are supplements that help people in treating their conditions. It may be very effective or can do nothing at all. The supplement still depends on which condition they are effective on. You should choose the supplements carefully because you might pick the wrong one for a certain body condition. These supplements are needed for consultation. You need to consult your trusted doctor for getting dosages. The dosages can be a little risky because you might get side effects. Supplements or medicines are said to be curing a person’s condition. These supplements can be NAD supplements.~~

What is Nicotinamide?
A nicotinamide is also called niacinamide. It is also can be called the vitamin B3. It is said to be found in foods that we eat. It is the foods that include yeast, fish, meat, milk, eggs, and green vegetables. It can also be found in beans and cereal grains. The nicotinamide or niacinamide can also be found in different vitamin B complex supplements that are also combined with other vitamin B.

Were there certain diseases that can be treated by Niacinamide?
It is also used for having a deficiency in niacin. Other than that, it could be a treatment for the inability to have flexibility in joints. It could also reduce one’s pain and swell on joints. It could also be effective in the prevention of having Alzheimer’s disease. Having niacin in their food can lower their risk of having Alzheimer’s disease.

Were there any side effects?
Niacinamide can be very safe for those who take in in the mouth. It could be very safe but there will be side effects. It could be some redness on the arms. Other than those side effects, it could also be having an upset stomach, dizziness, and other problems. These side effects can be triggered by having a higher dosage than what is prescribed. It could happen in worse cases when you take the dosage higher.

Nicotinamide or niacinamide is helpful in treating conditions like mentioned above. Your condition might be a concern that is a high cholesterol, niacin deficiency, or even your joints are not moving properly. It can be a big help in taking these. Despite the promising claims it gives, you should still consult to a doctor that can actually give you prescriptions about the supplement. It is better to be safe from risky side effects than carelessly taking those medicines without prescriptions.